Taken Actions in Project of Polypropylene Production from Natural Gas ( GTPP )

This project includes four methanol production units from natural gas, production of olefin from methanol, production of different grades of polypropylene and polyethylene from manufactured olefin (respectively from propylene and ethylene). Production plan of various grades of polymer products from natural gas contains a capacity of 630,000 tons, including 400,000 tons of polypropylene and 230,000 tons of polyethylene. In this project, more than 30,000 tons of by-products including LPG and hydrocarbon compounds with high added value are produced. The feed of this project is natural gas in the amount of one billion eight hundred and seventy million cubic meters (1.870.000.000 cm) per year. The total utility required for the complex is also produced inside the complex and only raw water in the amount of 1500 cubic meters per hour is received.

Other procedures taken are as follows:

  • Extension of the initial agreement-in-principle (feed and fuel approval) of the plan to produce polypropylene from natural gas is underway. Besides, the technical and economic studies of MTO project have been approved by the National Petrochemical Industries Research and Evaluation Committee.
  • Negotiations have been held with companies with various technical knowledge and polypropylene production knowledge from natural gas, including UOP, WISON and TOPSO. Engineering and consulting contract for the introduction of technical knowledge and financing has been concluded with the international company Tekint of Italy in the amount of 34 million euros.
  • BEDP consulting for the units of process is underway. In addition, we are updating licenses and negotiating with financing institutions and technology companies.
  • Engineering studies on suitable location for the project in Namin city, including the purchase of land at the project site through local factors are underway.

Plan Specifications:

  • Required feed        1770 million cubic meters per year (Daily 33.5 million cubic meters)

  • Required water             11 million cubic meters per year
  • Required electricity            282 thousand KW
  • Required land           600 thousand square meters
  • Duration of the project          48 months after signing the contract for the purchase of technical knowledge and equipment
  • Human resource  700  people