In 2015, the construction operations were completely stopped and only activities related to securing and eliminating the risk and preventing possible damages and demolitions were carried out and the contractors were settled at various times.

In order to eliminate the limitations and problems of the project, in addition to frequent correspondence with state officials and provincial officials, especially the esteemed presidential institution, several meetings have been held with relevant officials. With continuous follow-up, the above problems have been resolved as follows:

  • The issue of land ownership claimants was resolved by a vote of the Natural Resources Dispute Resolution Board.
  • The issue of the easement right claimants has been resolved by the action of the agricultural jihad of the province regarding the piping and diversion of water from the roads in the project land to outside it with the allocated budget of the province. Issues related to previous years are also being investigated through the relevant authorities.
  • The issue of water supply of the project was resolved by concluding a contract with the regional water company of the province, paying the first installment of the contract, starting study operations, and designing the route.
  • The issue of determining the price of feed has had many difficulties; finally, with the implementation of the law on subsidies targeting, the task was set on December 19, 2010. Pursuant to the following note of paragraph B of Article 1 of the above-mentioned law, it was decided that the feed of petrochemical units should be delivered at the price of 65% of the export basket price at the origin of the Persian Gulf for each cubic meter from the date of enactment of the law until 10 years later.


According to the above law, the government set and announced the price of 700 Rials as the base price for petrochemical units for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Subsequently, from the first half of 2013, the issue of increasing the price of natural gas was raised and discussed in several meetings in the relevant bodies. At present, with follow-ups done in order to support the establishment and construction of petrochemical units in deprived areas, we have succeeded in obtaining a 30% discount on the project feed gas price from the Ministry of Oil.


  • The issue of financing the project is being pursued through various means, including the participation of other investors and the National Development Fund.