Project of Bio-renewable Polymer Production

One of the high goals of Ardabil Petrochemical Company is to produce environmentally friendly (renewable) products and become a Green Petrochemical Unit. Therefore, in this regard, due to the production of surplus Methanol in the country, this company has made the process of Formalin production and economic added value and eco-friendly Polymer products one of its top goals. In this regard, the board of directors has approved the plan for the next five years in order to move gradually towards the production of technological bio-renewable products. Green and export-oriented petrochemical is one of the excellent goals of Ardabil Petrochemical company. The five-year plan of the company is in accordance with the following steps. Schedule and operational capacity of formalin production of phases of Ardabil Petrochemical Complex in the amount of 160,000 tons of formalin is according to the table below. Paraformaldehyde, butane DL (BDO), hexamine and resin products are produced from petrochemical-based formalin. The amount of each of the above-mentioned products is according to the following table:

Formalin produced by Ardabil Petrochemical 160,000 tons                   Total formalin capacity

40.000 tons formalin

Butane Diol (BDO)

20.000 tons formalin


40.000 tons formalin


60.000 tons formalin


Separation of Formalin capacity

Separation of downstream formalin products (tons)