1. Providing infrastructure facilities for the project:
  • Land
  • Gas (feed)
  • Water


  1. Design operations- Consulting Engineers

These studies were carried out by Sadr Sanat Consulting Engineers in September 2006 for review and preliminary studies of the project. The license contract and technical knowledge has been concluded and implemented with the Italian company Tekint, and the propylene production engineering process is underway.

8-1- Design of buildings and workshop supervision

8-2- Design and environmental impact studies of the project

8-3- Overpass bridge


  1. Executive operations of contractors

9-1- well digging

9-2- Road construction (entrance boulevard)

9-3- Warehouse buildings and repair shops

9-4- Water source with a volume of 300 cubic meters

9-5- Purchase and installation of steel structures of warehouses and repair shops

9-6- Construction of office buildings, guest houses and ancillary buildings and their landscaping

9-7- Roof covering of buildings

9-8- Executive operations (in trust)


  1. Financing the implementation of the project


  • Government participation in the implementation of the plan

In September 2011, in the fourth round of the provincial trip, the government delegation approved and announced the “Partnership between the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran and the National Petrochemical Company” in order to assist in the implementation of Ardabil Petrochemical Project. The above resolution was discussed in a meeting that was held in the presence of the officials of the above-mentioned organizations and Shazand and Ardabil Petrochemical companies in the office of the CEO of NPC on November 2, 2011. It was decided that the relevant units of the mentioned companies take action to implement the above decree.


  • Use of foreign exchange facilities of the National Development Fund

On September 4, 2011, Ardabil Petrochemical Project was introduced along with other priority projects of the Ministry of Petroleum in letter No. 798386-7/15 to use the foreign exchange facilities of the National Development Fund through the agency of the Export Development Bank and with the required credit of $ 645 million.

In this regard, the required documents were submitted to the Export Development Bank. After continuous consultation, the Central Credit Committee of the above-mentioned bank finally approved the plan – its foreign exchange facilities – the agency of the Export Development Bank and the formation of a banking syndicate on 2012/09/04. The above decree was approved by the Board of Directors of the Export Development Bank on 11/09/2012. Following that, the above approvals were notified to the National Fund and a request was made to review and announce a notice of freezing to the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 26/09/2012.

The National Development Fund was expected to pave the way for the use of the facility by announcing a freezing notice to the Central Bank. However, the experts of the fund, in reviewing the documents, including the composition of shareholders, stated that according to the articles of association and the charter of the fund, the share of National Bank (government body) in Ardabil Petrochemical is more than the allowable fund. So, the desired facilities will not be granted to this project. This was followed up by the competent authorities, including the Court of Audit, as a member of the Supervisory Board of the National Development Fund. The above organization announced that Ardabil Petrochemical Company is eligible to receive facilities from the fund based on the legal committee of the Supervisory Board (unanimously) and the composition of shareholders and the manner of appointment of managers through letter No. 389/50000/d on 07/01/2013. However, the executive board of the National Development Fund was not convinced with this statement and in a letter asked the Supervisory Board to express its opinion explicitly regarding this company. Unfortunately, no positive response was received from the Board of Supervisors in this regard. Finally, Shazand Petrochemical Company as the main owner could adapt the project to the terms and conditions of the National Development Fund by transferring part of its shares from Ardabil project to Jam Polypropylene Company and Shazand Petrochemical Employees Cooperative Company and reducing the amount of government shares of the project attributed to National Bank by 20%.

The foreign exchange facility of Ardabil project was approved at the meeting of the Executive Board of the National Development Fund on 17/09/2013. It was notified to the Export Development Bank (the agent bank of the project) through letter No. 1600/92 / p on 23/09/2013.  

The CEOs of Export Development Banks, Exports and Workers’ Welfare held a meeting in the office of Dr. Parizi, Deputy Minister of Banking and Economy on 16/07/2014, and decided to form a banking syndicate immediately.  Subsequently, Export Development Bank sent Syndicate partnership letter to the Export and Workers’ Welfare Banks for review and arrangement on 23/07/2014; thus, it requested the extension of freezing from the fund’s resources in the Central Bank in the letter No. 220/1000 dated 23/07/2014 to the National Development Fund, announcing the formation of a consortium.

The following basic measures have been taken to extend the decision to grant facilities from the Export Development Bank.

  • Making a deposit of 100 billion Rials to the account of Ardabil Export Development Bank
  • Sending the contract of basic technical knowledge and engineering of urea and ammonia production units to agent bank
  • Updating feasibility studies with the assumptions of the agent bank on 26/11/2014


  1. The executive regulations of Ardabil Petrochemical Project, the regulations for transactions of contracts for the entry and exit of goods, purchases have already been prepared and approved.
  2. Supplement to the basic technical knowledge and engineering contract of the Urea unit with the licensed company has been finalized to pay the prepayment amount. Follow-ups continue to receive a bank guarantee for the payment of the prepayment amount.
  3. A payment schedule has been prepared and agreed upon by the parties in order to implement the basic technical knowledge and engineering contract of the ammonia unit.
  4. Referring to letter No. 830 / 10 A, during the meetings held on 30/05/2015 and 22/06/2015, in the presence of the Executive Vice President and the Minister of Petroleum, respectively, the process of executive operations of Ardabil Petrochemical will be continued after removing the obstacles.
  5. The Minister of Petroleum supported Ardabil Petrochemical project in a meeting with high official of the ministry, the representative of Ardabil’s people (in parliament) and the CEO of Shazand Petrochemical on 22/06/2015 and agreed to change the urea and ammonia plan to the production of 515,000 tons of propylene and other downstream products.
  6. Referring to the meeting on 22/0/2015, the representative of Ardabil’s people sent the letter No. 94071709 to the honorable Minister of Oil.
  7. Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliament of the Ministry of Oil ordered the Deputy Minister in the planning and monitoring of hydrocarbon resources to take action through the letter No. 180553/1869/1m dated 17/07/2015 and support the project. A copy of this letter has also been sent to National Petrochemical Company.
  8. Signing a contract with Downstream Industries Development Company regarding the preparation of feasibility studies for the GTPP project
  9. Participating in feasibility study meetings with the project consultant, the National Petrochemical Company and the Ministry of Oil
  10. Completion of documents related to the comprehensive information system of the Ministry of Oil to receive the feed and fuel approval required for the project
  11. The feed license of project was followed up and obtained on 09/03/2016
  12. Completion of documents related to the Behinyab system of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to change the establishment license
  13. The change of the environmental permit was followed up and obtained on 16/03/2016
  14. Translation of technical and economic justification plan
  15. Checking the status of the central repair shop contractor